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How to activate find my mobile on Galaxy A73

How to activate Find My Mobile on Galaxy A73 in a safe way? Losing your Samsung Galaxy phone will make you sad. People use their phones for so many things and purposes. When they lose their phone, it means they will lose important data and precious memories too.If you buy a  Galaxy A73, you don’t need to worry because there is a chance for your phone to be found.You can track the location of your phone by using an app installed in your Galaxy A73. There are two simple ways to track your phone.


Start to activate find my mobile app

  • The first step to do when you like to activate your Find My Mobile App is by doing the instructions below.
  • You need to go Setting.
  • You can choose the Lock Screen and Security button.
  • Continue to Scroll Down.
  • Look for the “Find My Mobile” option.
  • Tap the button.

Check first if your Samsung account is showing.If you have an active Samsung account, then you can continue to turn all the available settings there. You can also go to the official website Find My Mobile, and you can input data when you lose your phone. You can log in with the same account registered on your Samsung device.

Start to track your phone

When you have activated the Find My Mobile app on your phone,
it gives you the opportunity to find your phone when it’s lost.
It also avoids losing your data when your phone is lost?
You need to start tracking your phone.

  • You need to log in to your Samsung account at the official website by using another phone or you can use a Pc browser.
  • Once you log in with your account, you will find the devices registered in the app. You need to tap the models or series of your Samsung Galaxy that was lost and then start to select it.
  • When you are connected to the internet, you can search the area. There will be some options of locations too that you can choose.


What do you need to do next? you can do the following options:

  • Ring to your phone

Your phone can ring for one minute at the maximum volume when you don’t mute your phone.

  • Lock the phone

You can protect your phone by locking your phone. You can also lock your cards that are registered in your Samsung Pay and lock the on-off button on your device. It will prevent someone from finding your phone and using it for certain purposes.

  • Erase the Data.
  • All your data can be erased permanently. It will reset your phone to the default settings.
  • Backup Files.

You can also select apps and data on your phone that you want to back up by using Samsung Cloud.When you lose your phone, you should not be panic. You can use Find My Mobile on your Samsung Galaxy A73 to find your phone or do some actions above. Now, you just know some ways how to activate Find My Mobile on Galaxy A73.

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