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How to automatically delete old messages on Galaxy A73

Mobile is an essential communication tool and cannot be separated from human civilization. Well, why not? Communication becomes smooth and without problems even though the distance stretches as far as whatever. Not only as a communication tool, but we also even need cellphones to support work activities, social media, shopping activities, business, gaming, education, etc.


Sending messages is now more sophisticated

Unlike in the past, to send a message or ask how we are, we have to send a letter. You can even wait a week to a month to get a reply. That is not the case now; we can even send messages in seconds. Due to the development of mobile phone technology, we can send messages via SMS or through other applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and others.

Impressive specifications of Galaxy A73

Not only that, but the features also offered by mobile phones are now exciting. One of the phones that deserve to be owned is the Samsung Galaxy A73. This cellphone is the output of Samsung, which carries advanced technology—starting from the IP67 feature, making this phone waterproof. The Super AMOLED layer is the hallmark of Samsung. The Galaxy A73, released in 2022, has a Snapdragon 720G chipset, a 6.7-inch layer, and 8GB of RAM. Wow, interesting, isn’t it?

Various features and applications support our daily activities, especially for chat and social media needs. We can even send hundreds to thousands of chats at the same time. However, sometimes we feel disturbed by many stored message histories or messages that are not important.

So, how to automatically delete old or unimportant   messages on Galaxy A73?

Sending messages or joking via SMS is certainly something we do pretty often, significantly to lighten the mood. However, with the length of the conversation, we feel that we no longer need to save the old chat history. If you want to delete one by one, it certainly makes it complicated, right? So, here we provide a way How to automatically delete old messages on Galaxy A73.

The way to automatically delete old or unnecessary messages is so easy. The first step you should open messaging app on your Galaxy A73 devices. Tap the menu icon like triple dots on the upper-right side and select settings. Please scroll down until you see delete old message options. If there are no options, please click more setting, then scroll down, and you can now find the options of delete old message. Give the checklist on it, and you are done. You can also set the text message limit per conversation, i.e.100 or 200 messages per conversation.

That’s it for tips to delete messages automatically on the Samsung Galaxy A73. Automatic message deletion significantly improves your phone’s performance and memory optimization. Several other messaging applications such as WhatsApp have also provided a feature to delete messages automatically. The difference is in the WA application; message deletion is based on the length of time the message is stored, not on the number of incoming conversations.

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