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How to create reminder with Galaxy A73 Calendar

How to create reminder with Galaxy A73 Calendar to make your life better? You don’t need to download the app and install a paid app to set reminders on your phone. Your Samsung Galaxy A73 makes your life easier. You spend your day with your mobile, and it is simple to set your schedule by using your mobile phone. You don’t need to write your daily schedule in the book again. It wastes your time, and you only need to do a simple method to set a reminder on your phone.

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How to set a reminder event agenda on Galaxy A73

If you want to create an event on your smartphone, you can do the instructions below.

  • You need to open the Calendar app or Event Agenda on your Samsung Galaxy A73.
  • You need to click the day you want to configure a reminder alarm on your smartphone.
  • You can press the + icon, and then you can double click on it too to access the addition of an event. You can add more events you want by doing similar actions.
  • You can choose “Title” to title for the event, for example, Marine Birthday or Noah Celebration.
  • You can choose the time too. You can set the time when you want to be reminded.
  • You can easily configure the notification to be sent to your email if you want.

How to set daily reminder by calendar app

If you do activities every day, you don’t need to set reminders every day. It will waste your time to set a similar action at a similar time. What you need to do is only change the time. You can do the steps above and then continue by doing the next steps.

  • You need to go to the option.
  • You can choose the Repeat button.
  • You can set whether you want to be repeated every day, every hour, every week, every month, or every year.
  • You can also choose the Duration icon.
  • Then you can choose the length of period that you want.

You can also set a reminder on the clock of your phone, but it will be a little bit more complicated than using the Calendar app. If you like to set a reminder by using a clock, then you need to do the instructions below.

  • You need to open the app Clock.
  • Click on the + icon.
  • You can select the day of the week that you want.
  • You can set the time for a one-time reminder.
  • You can choose the alarm ringtone.
  • Start to activate your reminder.
  • You can also add a notification alarm with different intervals, for example from 5 minutes to 30 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy A73 is a better device to accompany you every day. It is so simple to use your Samsung Galaxy A73. You can do your activity without forgetting to come to the precious event again because you have already set your reminder by using Samsung Galaxy A73. It is time for you to practice some ways how to create reminder with Galaxy A73 Calendar.

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