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How to enable and disable automatic updates on Galaxy A73

Having Galaxy A73 requires updates. Furthermore, if it gets slow or has bugs, it needs an automatic update because you have an old android version to upgrade to the new one. Some people ignore enabling automatic updates because it can increase the phone capacity. You can still apply the ways how to enable and disable automatic updates on Galaxy A73. It is essential to maximize the operating system of your smartphone.


How to check an installed android version on Galaxy A73

To start automatic updates, you should check the installed android version on Samsung Galaxy A73. It is useful to ensure that it has an available update for Galaxy A73. An android update usually comes every two to three months. Sometimes, it has a small update for new changes. It is better to do a system update at least once a year or even once in two months. There will be some ways to check your android version.

  • Open a Parameter from your phone.
  • Open System and Updates software or Tab Updates.
  • You reach the Last Update and go to the New Updates that have been installed on Samsung Galaxy A73.
  • Download and Install. You will see the available last update date for Galaxy A73.

How to enable automatic updates on samsung Galaxy A73

If you have no memory problems on Samsung Galaxy A73, it is recommended to activate an automatic update on Galaxy A73. It enables you to update it automatically when a new version of OS update is available. In addition, you can select to activate this option when you use Wi-Fi. It is the best option to prevent data usage.

  • You can access it on the Galaxy A73’s menu. Choose a Software Updates and open Sub Menu. Then, you choose System.
  • Now, you can move to switch the option of Download Automatically through Wi-Fi. Green is to activate it.
  • Your phone can download the updates after it connects to Wi-Fi and a new android version update is available for Galaxy A73.

How to disable automatic updates on Galaxy A73

It is essential to recognize the ways how to enable and disable automatic updates on Galaxy A73. An automatic update eases you to upgrade an android system easily because you don’t need to update manually. You can turn off the automatic updates on  Samsung Galaxy A73 with the following steps.

  • You can open the Play Store.
  • Click three lines on the left side of the screen. It will open menu.
  • Scroll down and click Settings.
  • Now, click updates application automatically.
  • Choose the option of Automatic application update.

With the last android update on Galaxy A73, it seems the right time to deactivate it. A new update will help your phone run well. You can also follow another tutorial.

  • Open the Settings of Your Galaxy A73.
  • Click about Device.
  • Click a Software Updates.
  • Deactivate An Automatic Update.

Those are some ways how to enable and disable automatic updates on Galaxy A73. You can apply it all for helping your android operate well.

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