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How to enable dark-themed keyboard on Galaxy A73

Technologies that are now familiar are laptops, computers, cellphones, and vehicles. Mobile phones continue to increase from year to year. Cell phones are needed for communication,
work, documentation, editing, typing, and social media.Well, it’s no wonder that every one of us can’t be separatedfrom our cellphones.Talking about cellphones,
one of the interesting and quality cellphones is the Samsung Galaxy A73.


What are the advantages of samsung Galaxy A73?

Before discussing the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy A73, of course, we first check this one mobile phone vendor. Well, of course, it’s familiar. The Galaxy A73 is carried by Samsung, one of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers. So do not be surprised if Samsung also pioneered the development of this technology.

Samsung A73 is one of the mobile phones that brings various advanced features—starting from the super AMOLED layer with its 800 nits which is evident even under the sun. In addition, Samsung also carries an IP67 part that makes this cell phone waterproof. Not only in terms of performance, but the design of this cell phone also looks very cool and contemporary. Not only does Samsung offer superior performance, but the themes of the menus and home screen are beautiful. Even with Android 11 technology, you can bring dark themes or dark mode.

What is the benefit of dark mode?

In general, dark mode is a theme model that will display the menu and launcher on your phone in dark color mode. So, it has a significant impact on cell phone battery savings. Not only that, for those who have vision problems or eyes that get tired quickly, applying dark mode helps so that your eyes don’t receive too bright and excessive light.

Through Android 11 technology, mobile phones are featured with this dark mode. Dark mode applied to the mobile phone menu. It can apply to portable keyboards, WA applications, Twitter, internet browsers, and so on. This model isalso available on Windows technology because it provides user comfort when facing layers. Well, the benefits of the enable dark o mode are very broad, right?

How to enable dark-themes keyboard on Galaxy A73?

One of the Galaxy A73 is the dark mode; the dark mode feature is not only for displaying the operating system but also for the keyboard. To enable dark mode features, please go to the main menu and tap on the setting icon. In the setting menu, let’s scroll down and find general management. In this menu, you will see some available settings such as language, text to speech, date and time, and others.

Please tab on Samsung keyboard settings and click on theme to manage your keyboard themes. You will see your current keyboard theme and many available keyboard themes on the next screen. If you like to enable dark themes keyboard, please check the list of dark themes options.

Finally, your keyboard is launched on dark themes. Go ahead and open a browser or google search to see how your new keyboard themes are working.


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