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How to schedule text message on Galaxy A73

You can’t talk to your friend on the phone. You can send a message first. However, you can’t send the message during rush hours. You can schedule text message on Galaxy A73 to ensure that it is sent at the right time. You can do it by scheduling a message to send the next day.

turn of delivery report galaxy a73


Steps to schedule text message on Galaxy A73

You can recognize the setting ways to schedule messages on your Galaxy A73. You can follow the following tutorial to do it.

  • Before you start it, this guidance will show the ways to reset an SMS service if your message is not received by the receiver.
  • Then, you can click Message and choose it
  • Choose a button of Menu.
  • Select the Setting.
  • Then, select another setting.
  • Choose a text message then.
  • After that, you can find a message center and click it.
  • Input several message centers and select set it.

That is a simple steps to schedule text message on Samsung Galaxy A73 you can do.

How to set a text message manually on your Galaxy A73

You can follow the ways to set a text message manually on Galaxy A73. You may require to change a manual setting to send a message.

  • Open the screen on Galaxy A73.
  • To open a menu, switch the screen up.

schedule text message galaxy a73

  • Choose a message.
  • If this screen appears, you can select an option of OK.
  • If this screen doesn’t appear, continue to the further step.
  • Select an option symbol.

schedule text message samsung galaxy a73

  • Select a Settings.
  • Choose SIM card, in this case, you select SIM 1.
  • Scroll down and select SMSC.

Those ways are helpful to manage a text message manually. You can set and send a message later.

How to send  message  group

This tutorial to send a group message on Galaxy A73 can save time especially when you send the same messages to some people on your contact list together. You can follow these ways to send a group  message on Galaxy A73.

Making Group Contacts

Firstly, you should make a group contact first. There will be some ways to do it.

  • Choose a tab label of Group. You will start to make a Group form.
  • Choose a Menu button to continue.
  • Select an option to Make it. You will open a form of the new group.
  • You can make a new group by adding names on the right side, for example, all contacts.
  • After that, you can select the option of Add Members. You will show all contact lists with a put a tick.
  • Then, you click OK to add all members.

Sending a Text Group Message

  • Click the entry for all group contacts.
  • Continue by pressing the Menu button and clicking Send Message.
  • Galaxy A73 will display all group contacts.
  • Continue to click All and choose the finish.
  • Choose to Send a message to group contact.

Those are some ways to schedule text message on Galaxy A73. You can select the suitable one for sending messages in a group or individually.

How to clear cache partition on Galaxy A73

Is it important to clear cache partition on Samsung Galaxy A73? The cache is a temporary data saving process in devices including smartphones to reduce the loading process. You can also say that the cache partition is a part of the device to help you display sites or apps faster.

Well, the cache itself indeed has important roles in terms of data processing. But when it has been accumulated, it is considered the main reason why a device performs slowly. That’s why you should clear cache partition regularly so that you can use your smartphone more comfortably.


Steps to clear cache partition on Galaxy A73

If you are a user of the Samsung Galaxy A73, of course, it is very important to know the steps to clear cache partition on the device. So, how to do it? You can follow some steps below.

  • First of all, turn off the Samsung Galaxy A73 smartphone. To do it, hold Power and Volume Down buttons. Some menus may appear and choose the option Turn Off.
  • After the device has been turned off, connect your smartphone to the computer using the Type C data cable. The cable has been one of the accessories available in the package.
  • Press the Power and Volume Up buttons. Release them when the Samsung logo has appeared.
  • The Recovery Mode appears on the screen after some seconds. You can navigate it using the Volume Rocker and get some options by pressing the Power button.
  • From the options available choose Wipe Cache Partition. Tap Yes.
  • The process of the clearing cache partition is finished. To reactivate your Samsung Galaxy A73 smartphone, use the Reboot System Now function.

Benefits of clearing cache partition on Galaxy A73

It has been explained before that cache partition is an important part of sites or apps. But then, why must you delete it? While opening a program can be faster with cache, later, it is only accumulated to be trashed. Moreover, along with the time you use your smartphone, there must be too many sites or apps you have opened. It means that the cache is getting more and more also.

Unfortunately, although the cache fastens up the duration if you open a site, the accumulation just uses up the memory. Generally, the performance of your smartphone can be slower because of that. That’s why it is recommended to remove cache regularly. It doesn’t need to be often, but regular. For example, you can just do it once a month.

Removing cache regularly simply improves the performance of your smartphone. It doesn’t only make accessing smartphone programs quicker but also prevents the device from problems such as lagging or stopping working. Moreover, the way how to  clear cache partition on Samsung Galaxy A73 is quite easy, isn’t it?


The cache is an important part when opening a site or app, there is no doubt about it. However, when you just keep it accumulating, it may cause problems later. That’s why regular cleaning is very important to do for the sake of your smartphone’s durability. So, make sure to regularly clear cache partition on Samsung Galaxy A73.

How to show battery percentage on Galaxy A73

Do you want to show battery percentage on Galaxy A73? The battery is a very important component in a smartphone. Of course, it is very important also to know the remaining percentage of the battery currently had by your smartphone. When the power has been low, it is better to recharge the phone as soon as possible.

However, in a default condition, some smartphone series doesn’t present their percentages. There is only the battery symbol appearing on the upper part of the screen. Samsung Galaxy A73 is one of them. If you are one of the smartphone users, you may want to know how to show the battery percentage. How is it?


Steps to show battery percentage on Galaxy A73

How to show the battery percentage on Samsung Galaxy A73 is not so much different from it on other Samsung series. So, you can follow the steps below.

  • Make sure your smartphone has been started and you can directly go to the home screen.
  • Go to the Settings app of the Samsung Galaxy A73.
  • Choose the Notifications menu from the list available.
  • Tap the Status Bar menu and continue it to the option of further setting.
  • Some options may appear and choose Show Battery Percentage.
  • Close the Setting app and check the upper area of your smartphone screen. If the process is successful, the battery percentage has been presented there.

Why you should show the battery percentage on Galaxy A73

Of course, it is optional if show the battery percentage on the smartphone screen or not. It depends on your comfort for sure. Undeniably, some people may prefer only showing the battery symbol without any number around it. But if you are aware of your smartphone so much, showing the percentage is a better thing to do. Here are the reasons.

First, it is clearer how much percent power your smartphone has. Without the percentage, you can just guess it without really knowing well. Sometimes, it is just confusing when you must explain to someone else about the remaining of your battery.

Second, showing the percentage actually is a part of the smartphone maintenance. There are some suggestions to immediately recharge the smartphone when the battery has been low below 20%. You should not keep the battery until it is completely used up. Well, to know if the battery had been below 20% or not, you must take a look at the percentage.

Third, it is all about the smartphone user’s convenience. By displaying all the notifications needed on the smartphone screen, it is just easier for them to get any information needed. Yes, the battery percentage is one of them.


As a smartphone user, it is reasonable to make our device as convenient as possible to use. One of them is by displaying necessary components and features to ease us in doing our daily activities including the battery percentage. If your smartphone is Samsung Galaxy A73, don’t worry. Aside from showing the battery percentage is beneficial, how to show battery percentage on Galaxy A73 is also easy.


How to set up voicemail on Galaxy A73

You can set up voicemail on Galaxy A73. A voicemail is an alternative message for the people lazy to typewritten messages. They tend to make voicemails to send the others. There will be some ways how to activate and set up a voicemail on Samsung Galaxy A73. You only follow the following ways on your Samsung device.


Set up voicemail on samsung A73

You can apply the following ways to set up voicemail on Galaxy A73. There will be a few steps to do with an easy procedure.

  • Open an application of telephone and click three spots.
  • Click a setting menu.
  • Click a voicemail menu.
  • Click a setting of a voicemail to start this message.
  • Now, you can copy a green number under a voicemail number to continue making a voicemail.
  • You can get back to a dialer and enter a copied number.
  • Press a green telephone number.
  • It is completed. You just set a voicemail on your Samsung A73.

This method is functional if you install an application of a visual sound message on your device. If you have a T-mobile visual voicemail, you just open and click three spots on the left side. Then, select Settings. Now, you can set a greeting of default and record a new one.

Listening to your voicemail on samsung Galaxy A73

After you have conducted the ways of setting a voicemail on Galaxy A73, it is time to listen to a voicemail.

  • Click an application on the home screen.
  • Then, scroll and click a voicemail application.
  • Now, you can click the desired voicemail to listen.
  • Choose a blue play icon to hear and listen to the voicemail.

Samsung A73 is the latest Samsung series that you can have. It presents with a widescreen of 6.7 inches using a Super AMOLED screen. It has a resolution of 1080×2400 pixels. This phone runs on OS Android 11 and is powered by Chipset Qualcomm SM7124 Snapdragon 720 G. It is supported with 8GB and 258 GB RAM. You can also activate a voice assistant with this Galaxy A73.

Activating voice assistant on Galaxy A73

You can activate an option of The Voice Assistant. You can activate and deactivate it. If you have problems with this feature, you can solve them now. Voice Assistant is a functional and helpful feature. These are the ways to activate it.

  • Open a menu of Settings.
  • Then, enter an option of Accessibility.
  • Click a Screen Reader.
  • If you click this sign, you can activate Voice Assistant on your Samsung Galaxy A73.
  • Now, you can use this feature to help anyone.

Samsung Galaxy A73 is a high-end smartphone with the same operating procedure. Those are some ways to set up voicemail on Galaxy A73. You can implement it easily because it presents simple steps. You can also find ways to listen to your voicemail. Then, you can apply the ways of using and activating Voice Assistant.

How to reset apps Galaxy A73

Samsung Galaxy A73 is one of the newest Android phones released by Samsung.Even though it is equipped with high-end hardware and software,the phone still suffers from glitches and errors.
While rarely occurs, these errors are still annoying.The first act that you may want to do is to restart the device. However,if the problem still persists, you may want to try another trick.
This trick involves performing
reset apps on Samsung Galaxy A73.


How to reset apps Galaxy A73 app preferences

Faulty Android app design may cause certain errors or glitches in the system. Besides that, an Android system glitch might also happen due to certain apps trying to access a corrupted file. If that problem occurs, resetting the app’s preference is one of the most favorable solutions to fix the misbehaving app on Android phones. Besides being easier to do, resetting the app’s preference won’t delete any stored data on your phone.

In the Galaxy A73, resetting all apps’ preferences will affect several aspects. These aspects include the preference for the disabled apps, app notification, default apps, background data-restricted apps, and restriction permission. So, here’s how to reset apps on Samsung Galaxy A73.

  • Activate your Galaxy A73 and go to the phone’s Settings.
  • From the phone’s General Settings, tap the Apps settings.
  • Selecting the option will bring you to the list of all installed apps on your phone.
  • From there, tap the Menu icon, which is indicated by three vertical dots at the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Lastly, tap the Reset App Preferences option. Finally, you have to tap Reset to confirm your action.

How does it affect your phone?

As previously mentioned, resetting the app preferences will affect certain things except for the app’s individual data. So, here’s the breakdown for each affected aspect.

  • Disabled apps: When you receive your Galaxy A73 for the first time, the phone may come with several pre-installed junk system apps. Since they cannot be uninstalled, you might disable them. Resetting the app preferences will enable all of the disabled apps.
  • Notification preferences: Some apps on your phone might notify you through different channels. The notification can be related to app updates, new content, etc. If you have those notifications disabled, resetting the app preference will enable them once more.
  • Default apps: When you’re trying to accomplish an action for the first time, your phone might offer several apps to be chosen as the default app. If you have selected some of them as the default, they will be restored once you reset the app preference on your phone.
  • Restrictions: This refers to certain restrictions that you placed on some apps. These restrictions may include background data restrictions or certain access permission to your phone’s features like the microphone or contacts list. After resetting the app preferences, these app restrictions will be removed.

Finally, this information concludes the steps to reset apps on Galaxy A73. Always remember that resetting the app preference won’t delete your personal data. But, it isn’t guaranteed to solve your Galaxy A73’s system error. So, you may want to consider factory resetting your phone.

How to enable dark-themed keyboard on Galaxy A73

Technologies that are now familiar are laptops, computers, cellphones, and vehicles. Mobile phones continue to increase from year to year. Cell phones are needed for communication,
work, documentation, editing, typing, and social media.Well, it’s no wonder that every one of us can’t be separatedfrom our cellphones.Talking about cellphones,
one of the interesting and quality cellphones is the Samsung Galaxy A73.


What are the advantages of samsung Galaxy A73?

Before discussing the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy A73, of course, we first check this one mobile phone vendor. Well, of course, it’s familiar. The Galaxy A73 is carried by Samsung, one of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers. So do not be surprised if Samsung also pioneered the development of this technology.

Samsung A73 is one of the mobile phones that brings various advanced features—starting from the super AMOLED layer with its 800 nits which is evident even under the sun. In addition, Samsung also carries an IP67 part that makes this cell phone waterproof. Not only in terms of performance, but the design of this cell phone also looks very cool and contemporary. Not only does Samsung offer superior performance, but the themes of the menus and home screen are beautiful. Even with Android 11 technology, you can bring dark themes or dark mode.

What is the benefit of dark mode?

In general, dark mode is a theme model that will display the menu and launcher on your phone in dark color mode. So, it has a significant impact on cell phone battery savings. Not only that, for those who have vision problems or eyes that get tired quickly, applying dark mode helps so that your eyes don’t receive too bright and excessive light.

Through Android 11 technology, mobile phones are featured with this dark mode. Dark mode applied to the mobile phone menu. It can apply to portable keyboards, WA applications, Twitter, internet browsers, and so on. This model isalso available on Windows technology because it provides user comfort when facing layers. Well, the benefits of the enable dark o mode are very broad, right?

How to enable dark-themes keyboard on Galaxy A73?

One of the Galaxy A73 is the dark mode; the dark mode feature is not only for displaying the operating system but also for the keyboard. To enable dark mode features, please go to the main menu and tap on the setting icon. In the setting menu, let’s scroll down and find general management. In this menu, you will see some available settings such as language, text to speech, date and time, and others.

Please tab on Samsung keyboard settings and click on theme to manage your keyboard themes. You will see your current keyboard theme and many available keyboard themes on the next screen. If you like to enable dark themes keyboard, please check the list of dark themes options.

Finally, your keyboard is launched on dark themes. Go ahead and open a browser or google search to see how your new keyboard themes are working.


How to scroll screenshot on samsung Galaxy A73

Taking a scroll screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A73 is not really different from other Samsung smartphones. This feature allows you to take the whole screenshot with a scrolling mode. This long screenshot is a built-in feature of Samsung Galaxy A73, meaning you do not have to install any additional apps to do so. But in order to be able to use this feature, you need to enable the screenshot toolbar first. The screenshot toolbar is an additional menu to optimize the screenshot taking.

For those of you who do not know yet how to scrolling screenshot Samsung A73, you can follow these steps below.


Steps to take scroll screenshots on samsung Galaxy A73

As it is said before, you need to enable the screenshot toolbar first to be able to take a scroll screenshot on your Galaxy A73. These following steps guide you from enabling it to taking the scroll screenshot.

  • From the home screen, swipe down or swipe up the screen to display all apps. Then, tap the Settings app.
  • Choose the Advanced Features menu. Next, select Screenshot and Screen Recorder.
  • Next, enable the Screenshot Toolbar option. Once you have enabled the screenshot toolbar, you can try taking a scrolling screenshot.
  • Make sure you open the subject that you want to screenshot.
  • Then, press and hold the volume down button and power button simultaneously.
  • Once you have captured the screenshot, tap on the scroll capture option located on the bottom left corner of the screen.
  • If you want to screenshot until the bottom of the page, you need to repeat the procedure mentioned in point 6.

A glimpse of samsung Galaxy A73

Samsung Galaxy A73 is one of Samsung’s best smartphones launched back in 2021. This smartphone is equipped with various cool features, such as the water-resistant feature with IP67 rating, making the device can last for 30 minutes in the water at a maximum depth of a meter. The high-quality 6.7-inch screen is equipped with Super Amoled and full HD resolution. The screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and has a refresh rate of up to 90Hz.

Samsung Galaxy A73 already uses Android 11-based OneUI 3.1 that makes taking a screenshot extremely easy. The features available on OneUI 3.1 are indeed comprehensive. Moreover, the user interface of the operating system is more amazing than the previous generation. Galaxy A73 also comes with a Qualcomm SM7125 Snapdragon 720G chipset combined with an Octa-core processor, as well as GPU Adreno 618 that provides optimum performance for gaming or running various applications.

That is how to scrolling screenshot Samsung A73. As one of Samsung’s best smartphones, it is not surprising that the Galaxy A73 has complete features. You can enjoy various useful features, including taking a long screenshot with the scrolling mode. This way, you can screenshot anything, such as your gaming progress, chats, messages, and others, and save it on your smartphone. So that you can share it on social media.

How to clear cache on Galaxy A73

You can clear cache on Galaxy A73 in some ways. The cache is a type of storage area on your Samsung Galaxy A73. The Cache usually will be able to speed up your browsing. It helps you to access all websites in a fast time. Unfortunately, it may use space on your smartphone. It may slow down the performance speed of your Samsung Galaxy A73 too.

That is why you need to clear cache if you think that your smartphone performance is getting slower. The cache will store all applications, website visuals, information, and other things. Most people can browse in fast time if they still save the cache story but when there are too many caches on your phone, it will make you lose your battery and data. There are some methods that you can do to empty the cache from your phone.



Clean the cache on Galaxy a73

For all of you to lessen the worries or to decrease space in your storage, you better clear the cache. You can do simple steps. You need to check first your android version and then do it two ways:

  • You can go to Setting and then choose Warehousing. You can choose Cached data and then select remove.
  • You can choose Parameter and then go to Warehousing. You can choose Cleaner and then tap Clean.

Clean cache from browser and recovery mode

You can also clean your browser cache and clean cache on the recovery mode. How to clean your browser cache?

You can empty cache from your Google Chrome or another browser by doing some ways here.

  • You need to go to your browser, for example Google Chrome.
  • You need to click on the three small dots that you can find at the top right of your phone.
  • You can click Settings.
  • You need to click on Confidentiality et security.
  • You need to select Clear Browsing Data.
  • You can click validate and then click on Clear

How to remove cache on the recovery mode? For all of you who like to clean the cache in the Recovery mode, what you need to do is just follow the steps here.

  • Press Volume and Power Button at the same time.
  • You need to release the button when you find vibrate of your phone.
  • You can choose Wipe Cache Partition and then confirm by using the power button.
  • You can select Yes.
  • You can choose Reboot System Now.

Cleaning a cache will give you more benefits. You will speed up your performance when you browse and you can save all things without worrying that there is not enough space in your phone. For all of you who have done with your cleaning cache, you need to refresh the page.

You can turn off your phone and then start to turn it on again your phone. You can find some other tutorials on how to clean cache in a very simple way. You don’t need to wait for a long time again. It is time for you to clear cache on Galaxy A73 regularly so you can boost the speed of your smartphone’s performance.

How to transfer pictures from Galaxy A73 to computer with various ways

You can easily transfer pictures from Galaxy A73 to computer by doing the right tutorials. Samsung Galaxy A73 makes it easy to do all things by using a smartphone. This smartphone is made with a better camera to produce a nice image. If you like to transfer all pictures or images from your phone to the pc, you can do some options. What you need to do is just simply by using the USB cable. You only need to connect your phone with a computer, and then click the files and folder you want to transfer to your pc. Transferring all pictures from your phone to your computer will not take a longer time. Below you can find tutorials on how to transfer files from your pc to your smartphone.


Transfer file from your pc to samsung Galaxy A73

For you who like to transfer images or pictures from your pc to Samsung Galaxy A73, you need to do:

  • You can search and find the file you want to transfer.
  • You need to copy the file.
  • Go to Explorer and then choose your device.
  • proceed by clicking on the internal memory folder of your smartphone.
  • select the folder that you want to paste the file in.
  • Paste the file on your smartphone.

Moving file from your samsung Galaxy A73

What do you need to do when you like to move files from your Samsung Galaxy A73 to your pc?

  • Open File Explorer on your device.
  • You can find files or pictures or videos that you like to send.
  • Go to DCIM for finding pictures, and sending pictures.
  • Choose an SD card to send a picture on SD Card.
  • Copy and then send it to your pc.
  • You can decide where to paste the picture.

Samsung Galaxy a73 is a modern smartphone that will make your life easier. That is why there are some other options to transfer pictures from your phone to pc. For all of you who don’t have a USB cable, you don’t need to worry because you still can transfer pictures from your Samsung Galaxy A73 to the pc by using a memory card. connect the memory card first and then open the folder. You can do a similar technique above. You can transfer pictures by using a cloud. A cloud is a smart way to transfer photos, videos, or other things that you want to transfer in the simplest and fastest way.

There are so many ways that you can transfer pictures or videos from your phone to your pc. You can also use some applications. If you want to use the simplest way, you can send the pictures or videos by email. What you need to do is to access your email by using your pc. Then you can send a picture to your email address by using your phone. You can choose one of some techniques to transfer pictures from your phone to your pc that you want. It is time to transfer pictures from Galaxy A73 to computer without complicated ways.

How to enable and disable automatic updates on Galaxy A73

Having Galaxy A73 requires updates. Furthermore, if it gets slow or has bugs, it needs an automatic update because you have an old android version to upgrade to the new one. Some people ignore enabling automatic updates because it can increase the phone capacity. You can still apply the ways how to enable and disable automatic updates on Galaxy A73. It is essential to maximize the operating system of your smartphone.


How to check an installed android version on Galaxy A73

To start automatic updates, you should check the installed android version on Samsung Galaxy A73. It is useful to ensure that it has an available update for Galaxy A73. An android update usually comes every two to three months. Sometimes, it has a small update for new changes. It is better to do a system update at least once a year or even once in two months. There will be some ways to check your android version.

  • Open a Parameter from your phone.
  • Open System and Updates software or Tab Updates.
  • You reach the Last Update and go to the New Updates that have been installed on Samsung Galaxy A73.
  • Download and Install. You will see the available last update date for Galaxy A73.

How to enable automatic updates on samsung Galaxy A73

If you have no memory problems on Samsung Galaxy A73, it is recommended to activate an automatic update on Galaxy A73. It enables you to update it automatically when a new version of OS update is available. In addition, you can select to activate this option when you use Wi-Fi. It is the best option to prevent data usage.

  • You can access it on the Galaxy A73’s menu. Choose a Software Updates and open Sub Menu. Then, you choose System.
  • Now, you can move to switch the option of Download Automatically through Wi-Fi. Green is to activate it.
  • Your phone can download the updates after it connects to Wi-Fi and a new android version update is available for Galaxy A73.

How to disable automatic updates on Galaxy A73

It is essential to recognize the ways how to enable and disable automatic updates on Galaxy A73. An automatic update eases you to upgrade an android system easily because you don’t need to update manually. You can turn off the automatic updates on  Samsung Galaxy A73 with the following steps.

  • You can open the Play Store.
  • Click three lines on the left side of the screen. It will open menu.
  • Scroll down and click Settings.
  • Now, click updates application automatically.
  • Choose the option of Automatic application update.

With the last android update on Galaxy A73, it seems the right time to deactivate it. A new update will help your phone run well. You can also follow another tutorial.

  • Open the Settings of Your Galaxy A73.
  • Click about Device.
  • Click a Software Updates.
  • Deactivate An Automatic Update.

Those are some ways how to enable and disable automatic updates on Galaxy A73. You can apply it all for helping your android operate well.

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