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How to reset apps Galaxy A73

Samsung Galaxy A73 is one of the newest Android phones released by Samsung.Even though it is equipped with high-end hardware and software,the phone still suffers from glitches and errors.
While rarely occurs, these errors are still annoying.The first act that you may want to do is to restart the device. However,if the problem still persists, you may want to try another trick.
This trick involves performing
reset apps on Samsung Galaxy A73.


How to reset apps Galaxy A73 app preferences

Faulty Android app design may cause certain errors or glitches in the system. Besides that, an Android system glitch might also happen due to certain apps trying to access a corrupted file. If that problem occurs, resetting the app’s preference is one of the most favorable solutions to fix the misbehaving app on Android phones. Besides being easier to do, resetting the app’s preference won’t delete any stored data on your phone.

In the Galaxy A73, resetting all apps’ preferences will affect several aspects. These aspects include the preference for the disabled apps, app notification, default apps, background data-restricted apps, and restriction permission. So, here’s how to reset apps on Samsung Galaxy A73.

  • Activate your Galaxy A73 and go to the phone’s Settings.
  • From the phone’s General Settings, tap the Apps settings.
  • Selecting the option will bring you to the list of all installed apps on your phone.
  • From there, tap the Menu icon, which is indicated by three vertical dots at the upper-right corner of the screen.
  • Lastly, tap the Reset App Preferences option. Finally, you have to tap Reset to confirm your action.

How does it affect your phone?

As previously mentioned, resetting the app preferences will affect certain things except for the app’s individual data. So, here’s the breakdown for each affected aspect.

  • Disabled apps: When you receive your Galaxy A73 for the first time, the phone may come with several pre-installed junk system apps. Since they cannot be uninstalled, you might disable them. Resetting the app preferences will enable all of the disabled apps.
  • Notification preferences: Some apps on your phone might notify you through different channels. The notification can be related to app updates, new content, etc. If you have those notifications disabled, resetting the app preference will enable them once more.
  • Default apps: When you’re trying to accomplish an action for the first time, your phone might offer several apps to be chosen as the default app. If you have selected some of them as the default, they will be restored once you reset the app preference on your phone.
  • Restrictions: This refers to certain restrictions that you placed on some apps. These restrictions may include background data restrictions or certain access permission to your phone’s features like the microphone or contacts list. After resetting the app preferences, these app restrictions will be removed.

Finally, this information concludes the steps to reset apps on Galaxy A73. Always remember that resetting the app preference won’t delete your personal data. But, it isn’t guaranteed to solve your Galaxy A73’s system error. So, you may want to consider factory resetting your phone.

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