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Restrict background data on Galaxy A73


One of the joys of having the Galaxy A73 is getting all information updates quickly. Thanks to the use of background data, apps are now able to constantly update and refresh their content with new information. However, there’s a negative side to this. For instance, your phone will use a lot of mobile data. On top of that, certain apps may also drain your battery. So, how can we restrict background data on Galaxy A73?

Restricting the Galaxy A73’s background data

Most Android apps these days depend on the mobile internet connection to function properly. When you actively use an app, the app is using foreground data access. The example of foreground data access can be found when you watch Netflix or YouTube. On the other hand, when you’re not actively using an app, the app still accesses your mobile data in the background.

For some apps, background data access is used to refresh the app with new information. So, when you open, let’s say, Facebook, you’ll immediately see new feeds on your homepage. Despite the convenience, background data can burn to your mobile data plan. On top of that, running apps in the background can drain your battery fast. So, you may want to restrict background data on Galaxy A73.

  • Activate your Galaxy A73 and go to the phone’s Settings.
  • From there, select the Connections settings.
  • From the Connections settings, tap the Data Usage option followed by the Mobile data usage.
  • Select the apps that you wish to restrict from the apps list. To restrict the background data, tap the “Allow background data usage” switch to disable it.

Furthermore, you may want to prevent some apps from running on background data.

  • Open the general Setting and select the Apps setting.
  • From the Apps setting, choose Settings and select Data usage.
  • Select the Background data option. From there, you can disable the apps to prevent them from accessing background data.

The importance of background data restriction

If you’re an avid smartphone user, you might have set a monthly data plan for your phone. However, your carefully planned data usage might be in vain if certain apps still use background data. Therefore, restricting the apps from accessing the background data can solve the problem.

Besides preventing possible unwanted spending, restricting the background data usage can also prolong your battery life. When using the background data, some apps are also running an operation in the background. One running app is tolerable. But if all apps are running in the background, then you’re in big trouble.

So, what apps use background data the most? In general, social media apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are the biggest background data-consuming apps. This is because those apps are designed to give you immediate updates and personal data collections.

This information also concludes the complete instruction on how to restrict background data on Galaxy A73. Remember that, by restricting the background data access on those apps, they will cease to function. As a result, the apps may not be able to give you immediate data updates anytime you open them.

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