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How to schedule text message on Galaxy A73

You can’t talk to your friend on the phone. You can send a message first. However, you can’t send the message during rush hours. You can schedule text message on Galaxy A73 to ensure that it is sent at the right time. You can do it by scheduling a message to send the next day.

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Steps to schedule text message on Galaxy A73

You can recognize the setting ways to schedule messages on your Galaxy A73. You can follow the following tutorial to do it.

  • Before you start it, this guidance will show the ways to reset an SMS service if your message is not received by the receiver.
  • Then, you can click Message and choose it
  • Choose a button of Menu.
  • Select the Setting.
  • Then, select another setting.
  • Choose a text message then.
  • After that, you can find a message center and click it.
  • Input several message centers and select set it.

That is a simple steps to schedule text message on Samsung Galaxy A73 you can do.

How to set a text message manually on your Galaxy A73

You can follow the ways to set a text message manually on Galaxy A73. You may require to change a manual setting to send a message.

  • Open the screen on Galaxy A73.
  • To open a menu, switch the screen up.

schedule text message galaxy a73

  • Choose a message.
  • If this screen appears, you can select an option of OK.
  • If this screen doesn’t appear, continue to the further step.
  • Select an option symbol.

schedule text message samsung galaxy a73

  • Select a Settings.
  • Choose SIM card, in this case, you select SIM 1.
  • Scroll down and select SMSC.

Those ways are helpful to manage a text message manually. You can set and send a message later.

How to send  message  group

This tutorial to send a group message on Galaxy A73 can save time especially when you send the same messages to some people on your contact list together. You can follow these ways to send a group  message on Galaxy A73.

Making Group Contacts

Firstly, you should make a group contact first. There will be some ways to do it.

  • Choose a tab label of Group. You will start to make a Group form.
  • Choose a Menu button to continue.
  • Select an option to Make it. You will open a form of the new group.
  • You can make a new group by adding names on the right side, for example, all contacts.
  • After that, you can select the option of Add Members. You will show all contact lists with a put a tick.
  • Then, you click OK to add all members.

Sending a Text Group Message

  • Click the entry for all group contacts.
  • Continue by pressing the Menu button and clicking Send Message.
  • Galaxy A73 will display all group contacts.
  • Continue to click All and choose the finish.
  • Choose to Send a message to group contact.

Those are some ways to schedule text message on Galaxy A73. You can select the suitable one for sending messages in a group or individually.

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