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How to Screenshot on Galaxy A73

Galaxy A is the leading line of Samsung smartphones in some countries. It has great specifications and hardware but it is still affordable. Samsung A73 is the highest series of this smartphone. It has some benefits than the others. It has a screenshot feature with some modes. You can apply the following ways on how to screenshot on Galaxy A73.

screenshot on galaxy a73

Screenshot on Galaxy A73 using a physical button 

You can implement the following ways on how to screenshot on Galaxy A73. Those are helpful to take a screenshot on this great smartphone.

  1. Open a lock of a smartphone screen and enter a home screen page.
  2. Search and determine the content that you will screenshot.
  3. Press a physical button of Power and Volume Down together.
  4. After you hear a shutter sound and a sparkling screen, you have conducted a screenshot on A73.
  5. You can see the screenshot results on a notification menu or Gallery application.

Not only does Samsung Galaxy A73 uses a physical button combination to take a screenshot but some Samsung smartphones take the same way. Though it is easy without a setting, you don’t use a physical button regularly. It avoids the broken condition of the button. You can use another feature of Gesture to take a screenshot on Galaxy A73.

               Using Gesture

You can use this alternative way of taking a screenshot on Galaxy A73.

  • Open a menu or application of Settings
  • Choose a menu of Advanced Features
  • Enter to a menu of Motions and Gestures
  • Then, press a button of Palm Swipe to Capture
  • Get out from the menu or application of Settings. Search an area that you will screenshot.
  • Direct your palm like a knife or broom from the left to the right side
  • Wait for the sparkling screen and a shutter sound is heard. It claims that a screenshot process has been taken.
  • A screenshot result can be accessed directly on the Gallery application or notification menu.

The typical feature of using Gesture is a palm. It is so typical of the Samsung series. The use of gestures helps you to avoid a broken condition of a physical button for the Samsung A73.

               Using Assistant Menu 

  • Search and open a menu or application of Settings
  • Next, choose a menu of Accessibility
  • Open a menu of Interaction and Dexterity
  • Then, activate a feature of the Assistant Menu
  • After being active, Assistant Menu will fly on the smartphone screen
  • Then, you can select the area that you will screenshot
  • Open Assistant Menu and select Screenshot
  • A shutter sound and sparkling screen will be a sign of a screenshot process
  • You can see the screenshot result on the notification menu or Gallery application.

Due to the panel of Assistant Menu, you can screenshot on Samsung A73 easily. It is a combination of three methods. However, the combination of a physical button is the fastest way how to screenshot on Galaxy A73. To avoid a broken condition, you can mix the ways of using the Gesture and Assistant Menu.

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