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How to send group message on samsung Galaxy A73

Have you ever wished to be able to send one message to a certain group of people? If so, now you can use the Galaxy A73 group message feature. As the name suggests, a group message allows you to send a text message to selected contact on your phone. Besides saving a lot of time, group messages are also easy to make. So, this article covers anything that you need to how to send group message on Galaxy A73.

send group text message a73

How to send group message on Galaxy A73

Group message is a type of chatting feature that allows you to have a chatting room that consists of three or more people. When using the Samsung Messages app, you can send two types of messages, SMS and MMS. When using the group message feature, your messages will be automatically labeled as MMS. This allows you to send messages to multiple contacts at once.

Before we move further, it is worth noting that group messages are different from SMS broadcasts. While an SMS broadcast enables you to start a separate chain of messages, group texts are sent and received in the same message chain. Samsung has the group message feature on their Samsung Messages app. So, without further ado, here are the steps to send a group message on Galaxy A73.

  • Open the Samsung Messages app on your Galaxy A73.
  • From there, select the New Conversation menu icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Then, you can start adding the first recipient by typing the name or number. Alternatively, you can also tap the Add icon (plus button) to add the first recipient from your Contacts list.
  • Next, add more people from your contacts list by tapping the Add icon (plus button).
  • Now, you can start writing the message on the typing field. When you’re done, tap the Send button. Your message will be delivered to everyone in the contact group.
  • If you want to delete the group chat, tap and hold the chat from the Samsung Messages’ Conversation tab. Finally, you can choose Delete and select the Move to Trash option to confirm your action.

The advantage of using a group message

It is easier to send a message to multiple people using the Samsung Messages group chat feature. In addition to that, group messages are an excellent platform for discussion. This is because each person from the group won’t feel left out by being able to respond and read the message at the same time. Group messaging also allows you to stay connected with everyone, even when each of the group members is doing different activities.

If you run a business, group chat allows you to send a notification to your employees at once. Furthermore, by inviting your clients into one group message, you can observe how your clients engage with each other in the group. This allows you to make a clear decision when handling each client’s request.

So, this information concludes this short instruction on how to send group message on Galaxy A73. Remember, if used correctly, group messages can increase your productivity and social life. So, keep using the Galaxy A73’s group chat feature.

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