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How to set individual ringtones on Galaxy A73

We also feel developments in the network starting from 2G. Even now, we are enjoying 4G services. One of the fenders that have experienced an increase in technology is Samsung. Samsung always brings the novelty of every cell phone that it develops. It starts with the processor’s renewal, camera, design, unmatched super AMOLED layer, and an attractive operating system. One of the most popular products by Samsung is Samsung Galaxy A73.


Why samsung? how amazing samsung Galaxy A73?

The  Samsung Galaxy A73 is one of the most excellent Samsung products. It is caused by the cell phone carrying many advantages, from the layer to the kitchen spur itself. The Galaxy A73 has received an IP67 rating, so you don’t have to worry if your cell phone gets wet in the rain or falls into a pool. In addition, the Super AMOLED layer is obvious with an FHD display and brightness of up to 800 nits. Wow, this is undoubtedly safe when working under the bright sun.

The design provided is beautiful, trendy, and contemporary. Galaxy A73 has a 64 MP primary camera with certified OIS (Object Image Stabilizer). Samsung also has 8 MP of a telephoto lens, 12 MP of the ultrawide lens, and 5 MP of a macro lens. The 32 MP front camera is guaranteed to provide evident and detailed results in every color. The most critical side that galaxy A73 brings is two surrounding speakers. Guaranteed your audio experience is outstanding, sounds loud and clear, and there is stereo technology in it.

You can even get a lot more from the Samsung Galaxy A73, such as a super durable 5000 mAh battery, octa-core processor, 8GB RAM, and 256GB to 1 TB storage. Samsung also provides an attractive and accessible operating system theme. Moreover, the system configuration settings are accessible, ranging from audio settings, applications, ringtones, themes, game boosters, etc.

The problem due to not ready to accept technology

The rapid technology development is shown in several developed countries such as Japan, Korea, the United States, and the European Region. When goods from abroad that carry their sophistication enter the country, it seems as if we are technologically stuttering. Why is that? Because there are many things, we don’t know and haven’t felt, while these developments have become familiar abroad.

With advances in technology, especially mobile phones, some things that sometimes confuse us are how to create a new account, change ringtones, and others. For millennials, of course, it is easy to learn this. However, mobile phone users born in the 60-70s may need to adapt more.this time I will share How to Set Individual Ringtone on Galaxy A73

How to set individual ringtone on the  Galaxy A73

  • The first step is open Setting on your Galaxy A73.
  • Scroll and find sounds and vibrations, then go to ringtone options.
  • Please select the ringtone that you want to use.
  • To customize your own music/ringtone, click plus icon on the top-right side.
  • Select your own ringtone/music.

If you want to customize ringtone for specialist contacts, you can go to the contact list. Then, select the contact that you want to set its default ringtone. Next, tap edit, scroll down, and tap view more. In the ringtone section, tap on it and then choose your desired ringtone. Finally, you should go back and click save.

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