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How to set up text notification on galaxy A73

When you have a notification for text messages, your phone will sound. It will disturb you with the notification ringtone. You can adjust it now with easy steps. Even, you can differentiate the notifications sound of text messages and applications. These are some ways how to set up text notification on Galaxy A73.


How to select text notifications on Galaxy A73

You can change notification ringtones to your text message on Galaxy A73. To select it, you can follow the following directions.

  • Open the Settings of Galaxy A73.
  • Choose Sound and Ringtone.
  • Click Notifications Ringtones or Sounds for Notifications.
  • In this way, you can access the sound list for notifications or listen to it to select the suitable one.
  • To confirm it, click the chosen sound or ringtone or click Ok.
  • Now, you can hear a new notification on text messages.

How to add a new text notification ringtone on Galaxy A73

Sometimes, the notification ringtone is inappropriate. You want to add your voice to the notification ringtone. There will be some ways how to set up text notifications on Galaxy A73.

  • You must select and download voice or sound on your personal computer.
  • You must connect Galaxy A73 to your computer.
  • If you don’t know the transferring ways, you can learn more.
  • Copy the chosen sound or ringtones to your computer.
  • Open Windows or Mac Explorer Galaxy A73.
  • Attach the ringtone to a folder of Galaxy A73 called notifications.
  • Turn off the connection of Galaxy A73 from your computer.

You can install the application enabling you to have new notification ringtones and differentiate notification sounds for applications and text messages.

How to change notifications ringtone on Galaxy A73

You can select an application to be your notification ringtone to install on Galaxy A73. This application enables you to select a ringtone for your notifications like animal sounds or electronics.

  • You can select a different ringtone for your alarm and calls.
  • Download the application from Google Playstore then you need to install it.
  • Open an application and select the appropriate ringtone. Press it.
  • You will have second choices to decide on the functional ringtones.

Those can become a smartphone ringtone, alarm, notifications, and contacts. You can differentiate the notification ringtone of text messages in Galaxy A73. You can download a free ringtone list. It is helpful to select the ringtone for Galaxy A73. You need to follow another tutorial to change the text messages ringtones on your Samsung A73.

  • Open the Settings on Galaxy A73 first. Delete the screen lock on Samsung Galaxy A73.
  • When you are in a setting, select continue to the sound and notifications. Delete all data permanently on Galaxy A73.
  • You can input a notification ringtone option. Hard reset Galaxy A73.
  • You can change your notifications.


Those are some ways how to set up text notifications on Galaxy A73. You can apply it all for changing and setting up your text ringtones.

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