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How to show battery percentage on Galaxy A73

Do you want to show battery percentage on Galaxy A73? The battery is a very important component in a smartphone. Of course, it is very important also to know the remaining percentage of the battery currently had by your smartphone. When the power has been low, it is better to recharge the phone as soon as possible.

However, in a default condition, some smartphone series doesn’t present their percentages. There is only the battery symbol appearing on the upper part of the screen. Samsung Galaxy A73 is one of them. If you are one of the smartphone users, you may want to know how to show the battery percentage. How is it?


Steps to show battery percentage on Galaxy A73

How to show the battery percentage on Samsung Galaxy A73 is not so much different from it on other Samsung series. So, you can follow the steps below.

  • Make sure your smartphone has been started and you can directly go to the home screen.
  • Go to the Settings app of the Samsung Galaxy A73.
  • Choose the Notifications menu from the list available.
  • Tap the Status Bar menu and continue it to the option of further setting.
  • Some options may appear and choose Show Battery Percentage.
  • Close the Setting app and check the upper area of your smartphone screen. If the process is successful, the battery percentage has been presented there.

Why you should show the battery percentage on Galaxy A73

Of course, it is optional if show the battery percentage on the smartphone screen or not. It depends on your comfort for sure. Undeniably, some people may prefer only showing the battery symbol without any number around it. But if you are aware of your smartphone so much, showing the percentage is a better thing to do. Here are the reasons.

First, it is clearer how much percent power your smartphone has. Without the percentage, you can just guess it without really knowing well. Sometimes, it is just confusing when you must explain to someone else about the remaining of your battery.

Second, showing the percentage actually is a part of the smartphone maintenance. There are some suggestions to immediately recharge the smartphone when the battery has been low below 20%. You should not keep the battery until it is completely used up. Well, to know if the battery had been below 20% or not, you must take a look at the percentage.

Third, it is all about the smartphone user’s convenience. By displaying all the notifications needed on the smartphone screen, it is just easier for them to get any information needed. Yes, the battery percentage is one of them.


As a smartphone user, it is reasonable to make our device as convenient as possible to use. One of them is by displaying necessary components and features to ease us in doing our daily activities including the battery percentage. If your smartphone is Samsung Galaxy A73, don’t worry. Aside from showing the battery percentage is beneficial, how to show battery percentage on Galaxy A73 is also easy.


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