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How to steps to force stop misbehaving apps on the Galaxy A73

If you ever performed an End Task to a computer program, force-stopping an app on the Galaxy A73 is no different. Force stops are widely used by many Android users to stop an app’s operation. Moreover, this method is also the most preferred way of killing a misbehaving app. If you’ve owned your Galaxy A73 for quite some time, you must be familiar with this method. Otherwise, here are the steps to force stop apps on Galaxy A73.


Steps to force stops misbehaving apps on the Galaxy A73

When your Galaxy A73 works normally, you can exit one app and jump to another app easily. The exited apps may just hang around in the background until you bring them back to the foreground. Otherwise, they will fill the phone’s memory and will be automatically terminated by the Android kernel system. However, if a certain app is misbehaving, it may cause a system error,frezee, or even be stuck on a certain loop.

This kind of problem might be triggered by corrupted apps’ data cache or poor app design. Regardless of the cause, they must be stopped. Your initial instinct might tell you to restart your phone, which could work for a while. However, if the problem still persists, you may need to forcefully stop the apps’ operation. So, here are the easy steps to force stop misbehaving apps on Galaxy A73.

  • From your Galaxy A73’s home screen, pull down the quick access tray and open the phone’s Settings.
  • From the general settings page, select and open the Apps setting.
  • You will see a list of all installed apps on your Galaxy A73.
  • Choose the misbehaving app that you wish to force stop.
  • On the app’s info page, select Force Stop to end the app’s background and foreground operation.
  • Confirm your Force stop by pressing the OK button.

Is it safe for your phone?

One of the most concerning aspects of this procedure is whether it is dangerous for the Galaxy A73. Users are particularly concerned about the risk of losing their stored data. However, in most cases, force-stopping an Android app will not delete any stored data on your phone. However, any unsaved app data might be deleted. For instance, you force stop the Google Docs when you’re typing a document on it. If that happens, your unsaved document will be gone.

In addition to that, force-stopping an app won’t delete the app’s data cache. All it does is free up the phone RAM, which was previously used by the force-stopped apps. As a result, the offloaded memory will be designated for other apps that you open.

Lastly, it is also worth noting that force stopped apps won’t become slower in terms of performance. On the contrary, the force stopped apps will become much faster since you’ve prevented them from accessing the old corrupted cached files.

So, this information concludes this short instruction on how to force stop misbehaving  apps on Galaxy A73. Remember, instead of performing a factory reset, you can force stop a troublesome app to fix the performance issues on your phone.

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