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How to Wipe Cache Partition on Samsung Galaxy A73

When your Samsung Galaxy A73 has performance issues like crashing or slowing down, it is mostly because there are too many caches that need to be cleaned off. Clearing cache partitions will most likely solve the performance issues. It will refresh your smartphone so that it will not have too much burden. Below are the steps to wipe cache partition on Galaxy A73.



What is Cache?

Before going to steps to clear the cache partition on Samsung Galaxy A73, let’s understand first what cache is. Cache is a place to temporarily store data on the system, whether on a computer, application, or website. With the cache, access to the next same request will be more effective because it simply retrieves the data stored locally. For example, when you are accessing a website, your browser will save temporary data from the website.

Later, when you want to access the same website page, your browser does not need to request data from the server again. This cache process does only occur in computers. But also, almost all platforms use this cache system since it provides many benefits. Though it can cause performance issues, cache actually has some benefits. Such as saving data. With the cache, your system does not need to require information from the same server repeatedly.

If you access the internet with your browser, this definitely saves data. Moreover, on smartphones where applications are always active, the data requirements without cache will be certainly large.

Steps to Wipe Cache Partition on Galaxy A73

As it is said before, clearing cache partitions can help to solve performance issues on your smartphone. Below are the steps to wipe cache partition on Galaxy A73.

  • First of all, you need to turn off your Galaxy A73.
  • After that, press and hold the volume up button and power button at the same time. Release them when the logo appears.
  • A notification saying ‘installing system update’ may show up before the Android Recovery menu options display.
  • Choose the Wipe Cache Partition option by pressing the volume down button several times. Press the power button to select it.
  • Next, Select Yes by pressing the volume down button. Then, press the power button again to select.
  • After the process, the Reboot System Now option will be selected.
  • Last, press the power key to restart your device.

Steps to Clear App Cache

You can also clear the cache of the apps you have installed on your Galaxy A73. Here are the steps.

  • From the home screen, swipe up or swipe down to show all apps. Then, choose the Settings app.
  • Select Apps and choose the application you want to clear the cache.
  • After that, tap the Filter and Sort icon.
  • Tap the Show System Apps Switch to turn on.
  • Tap OK > Storage > Clear Cache.

Those are the steps to wipe cache partition on Galaxy A73. Hopefully, this can help you to solve the performance issue that occurs in your Samsung device.

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